How to Place Trade

Seven Star FX Ltd. caters to Metatrader4 for an easy and hassle-free process to place trade. The key steps are as below:

Watch live Prices: The software is such that in one simple-to-use platform, consumers can watch the live, trending prices and can accordingly put up and manage a relationship.

Choosing the correct product: The aptness of any product needs to be assessed, and the customer needs to purchase it accordingly while choosing how to place a trade.

Sell/Buy: On buying the product, the customers can easily affirm which currency pair they are willing to buy and at what volumes. The dealer mapped to the product quotes the purchase price, at market execution. Customers can easily sell the pairs in similar ways. Stop Loss or Take Profit can be set only when they differ from the ascertained market price by 20 pips or more.

Confirming and Closing Order: Once the customer decides and makes the order, it needs to be reaffirmed and closed in due course, as depicted in this tutorial on how to place a trade on Meta Trader 4.