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Trade Popular Soft Commodities Effortlessly

Unlock seamless exposure to some of the world’s most popular soft commodities, right from cocoa and coffee to sugar and cotton. At Seven Star FX, we enable traders with access to the global market and limitless opportunities to trade derivatives on commodities.

Soft commodities are raw materials or ingredients that are used in the production of textiles and foods. They are agricultural goods, grown rather than mined. Some of the most popular soft commodities include coffee, cotton, cocoa and sugar. There are many factors that influence the price of these commodities, including weather patterns, geopolitical situations, economic growth, transportation cost, interest rates, and speculation.

If you’re looking to trade in commodities, take the hands of Seven Star FX today. Enjoy tight pricing, low margin requirements, and the support you deserve.

Trade Soft Commodities Like a Pro. Diversify Your Portfolio.

Soft commodities are a go-to instrument for smart traders to diversify and amplify their portfolios. At Seven Star FX, we make trading in soft commodities even simpler and convenient through a powerful MT4 platform that packs rich features and analytics. So, step up your game as a trader. Diversify your portfolio, mitigate risks and trade like a pro. From low spread and deep liquidity to high leverage and world-class support, we offer it all to ensure you trade with confidence.

How do soft commodities trading work?

Soft commodities are traded in the futures and spot market with their value determined by demand-side and supply-side factors. You can buy or sell the commodity immediately at the spot price. Or, you can buy or sell the commodity, at a defined time in the future, for a specified price.

Seven Star FX is one of the leading multi-asset brokers, providing traders with exposure and access to the global soft commodities market. Open your live account, make the initial deposit and invest in popular commodities through our world-renowned platform.

To get an in-depth understanding of how soft commodity trading works, check out our trader education page. Or you can try our demo account to get hands-on experience.

Why trade soft commodities with Seven Star FX?

Here are some of the reasons why Seven Star FX is a preferred choice for thousands of traders when it comes to soft commodities trading:

  • Proven track record spanning 16+ years
  • Multiple commodities to trade
  • Powerful MT4 platform to trade on
  • Negative balance protection
  • High leverage
  • Fast deposit and withdrawal
  • Extensive educational resources
  • Prompt assistance from the support team

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