Let Your Money Work For You

  • Create your PAMM account.
  • Pick a veteran money manager based on their performance and alignment to your financial goals.
  • Let them trade the market for you.
  • Invest and reap benefits without having to track and strategize yourselves.

Features Built for Effortless PAMM Experience

  • Manage your account on-the-go on our powerful platform

  • Have complete control over trading capital

  • Make deposits and withdrawals in a few clicks

  • Enjoy professional reporting analytics to make smart decisions

  • Get complete transparency in terms of fees, profits, and losses


Seven Star FX Advantage

  • Fully accountable money managers. (They invest their own money too)
  • Get advanced reporting on your money managers’ performance.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals from your account anytime.
  • Select more than one money manager. Diversify your investment.

Getting Started

  • Step 1

    Pick your money manager

  • Step 2

    Make your deposit

  • Step 3

    Track account's performance

  • Step 4

    Make withdrawals or deposits

  • Step 5

    Get your profit

Register and Create Your PAMM Account Instantly.

If you need more information about Seven Star FX’s PAMM program or if you need any help, get in touch with us. Open A PAMM Account Today