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Step Up Your Commodities Trading Game

Diversify your portfolio and effectively hedge against market risks with metals trading. The likes of Gold and Silver remain a favorite investment avenue for savvy long term investors, owing to their benefits like providing a hedge against inflation and offering international liquidity.

Gold is the most actively traded metal. Based on the law of supply and demand, its price is determined by the 24/7 market. Other factors like the value of the US dollar, industrial demand, as well as inflation also influence its price. If you’re looking to trade metals, get started on the right track with Seven Star FX and stride confidently to become a seasoned trader.

Trade Precious Metals Effortlessly on Powerful MT4 Platform

Whether you’re interested in currency or commodity, irrespective of your trading needs – at Seven Star FX, we are committed to delivering an excellent experience to all. So, now grow your investment portfolio by trading derivatives on precious metals like Gold.

Gold, as a safe haven asset, assures traders of plenty of benefits. Tap into these benefits with the world-renowned MT4 platform. Trade gold effortlessly and enjoy the lowest spreads, complete transparency, the convenience you deserve, and a committed team by your side that cares about your financial well-being.

How does metal trading work?

In order to optimize returns, the traders must have a clear understanding of all the factors that affect the price of gold and other metals. Interestingly, the price drivers of precious metals are quite different in comparison to other instruments. For instance, when the real rate of return in other financial markets is negative, many people turn to gold because the asset will maintain its value, primarily due to its scarce supply. Traders purchase and sell gold, silver, and other metals based on their speculation around the change in price.

To get an in-depth understanding of how metal trading works, check out our education page. Or you can try our demo account to get hands-on experience.

Why trade metal with Seven Star FX?

Seven Star FX has a rich track record spanning more than 16 years. We have delivered our traders great opportunities and unparalleled trading experience. This positions us as one of the leading brokers when it comes to metals trading. So, if you’re looking to trade in Gold, there are many reasons to choose Seven Star FX:

  • Thousands of happy and satisfied traders
  • Powerful MT4 trading platform
  • Round-the-clock support available
  • Super-fast withdrawal and execution
  • Rich library of educational resources for beginners
  • Trade any time, anywhere (even from your phone)
  • No hidden charges, no gimmicky claims; 100% transparent
  • Rich analytics to make informed decisions
  • Simple and straightforward process to create a live account
  • Caters to institutional clients and end-traders
  • Maximum satisfaction guarantee

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