Fundamental Analysis

Forex Fundamental Analysis

In Forex Industry, Fundamental Analysis which is mere interpretation which consists of various economic indicators and technical charts. The Various Economic Lagging indicators like changes in interest rate, inflation indicators, unemployment Data etc; All falls into uprecedent category of Fundamental Analysis..

What is Economic Calendar

Seven Star FX Economic Calendar helps the traders which have easy and customised access and real-time calendar helps the user which automatically updates at the time of any major economic announcements. This announcement helps the traders with prompt decision making and helps to formulate the trading Decision.

Whose speeches to keep an eye on?

Since the Forex Industry is so Huge which Can’t be Manipulated by a Single Person. But However the Big Forex Investors can Track an eye on Fed Bank (USA), BoE (UK), Bank Of Japan (BoJ), People Bank of China (PBoC) and Reserve Bank of Inda (RBI) which impacts the market huge stance.

Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators defines the statistic about the economy. It allows the analysis of Future performance Predictions. The Certain Economic Indicator are Given Below:

  • Gross Domestic Product ( GDP)
  • Gross National Product ( GNP)
  • Per Capital Income ( PCI)
  • The Producer Price Index (PPI)
  • Employment Data
  • Consumer Confidence Index (CCI)
  • Balance of Payment (BOP)
  • Retail Sales index
  • Personal Index
  • Inflation Rate (%)
  • Employment Cost Index (ECI)
  • Tankan Survey
  • Beige Book
  • Interest Rate Spread
  • Trade Balance & treasury Budget
  • Money Supply (M2)
  • Industrial Production
  • CAPRI Model
  • Misery Index ( Economics)
  • Bureau of labour Statics
  • Non-Farm Payrolls
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Genuine Progress Index (GPI)


Due to the high level of trading volume in the Forex Industry, Any major Economic announcements mentioned above heavily impacts the Forex Market.  Hence the Trader should wisely enter the Deal before any major economic movements happens. Being a NDD Broker, Hence its always advisable to contradict and Keep a track on Economic Data before undertaking any trading Deal.

How do traders use all this?

  • Closely Watch the Economic data and keep an eye on Economic Calendar.
  • The Indicators and Pattern are Gaining the momentum and serves as catalyst to track the future price movement at given period of time
  • Needs to pay a kind attention in the current economic news that affects the Forex Market.
  • Difference between the real insights and expectations, Look For corrections in trend price if any.