EUR/USD has plunged into early EXIT

The Dollar ($) demand has been on the political jitters which has actually caused the exacerbated by the news and has seen an early escalation in the trade war. There has been seriously considering the tariff which has caused a high level of import from the several countries that has been extending to Canada as well as Mexico. While the ‘EUR/USD’ has been once again find him into 200-period smooth moving average (SMA) ahead of European market session which has tried to reclaim the major hurdle.

            While two weeks back, the currency pair has set to begin while breaking a fresh bear run on trading that has put the currency pair to a recent low. On the near-term, it has gained a fresh high above 1.452.

 In 1-Hour Chart (EUR/USD):

The heads & shoulders strategy is creating a wear and deeper penetrative impact which has caused an impact in 200-period SMA Level. While there is a popular strategy in the currency pair ‘EUR/USD’ that has caused a major high impact. While there has been medium-term resistance level that is about to build with 50-moving average level.

 In 4-Hour Chart (EUR/USD):

            The currency pair ‘EUR/USD’ has shown a major trend bar in the FOREX while it has causes a major stir reaching at 1.301 level in the market. There has been pretty the bullish trend for short term, while if you see in H4 Chart the currency has gained a lot of momentum but has failed for an early exit.     


Today Last Price:      1.1302
Today Daily change:    6.0 pips
Today Daily change %:        0.0531%
Today Daily Open:                1.1296


 Previous Daily SMA20:        1.1362
Previous Daily SMA50:      1.1473
Previous Daily SMA100:         1.154
Previous Daily SMA200:        1.178


Previous Daily High:                1.1346
Previous Daily Low:                         1.1277
Previous Weekly High:                  1.1473
Previous Weekly Low:                     1.1328
Previous Monthly High:               1.1625
Previous Monthly Low:                    1.1302
 Previous Daily Fibonacci 38.2%:   1.1303
Previous Daily Fibonacci 61.8%:     1.1319
Previous Daily Pivot Point S1:       1.1267     
Previous Daily Pivot Point S2:         1.1238
Previous Daily Pivot Point S3:        1.1199
Previous Daily Pivot Point R1:          1.1336
Previous Daily Pivot Point R2:      1.1375
Previous Daily Pivot Point R3:    1.1404