Despite economic uncertainty or political turmoil, Gold has and always will be the commonly traded metal. The demand for this precious metal is largely driven both by the virtue of investments and practical use.

Seven Star FX is a premier brand that leads the charts, in the realm of spot metals trading. The company harps on the tips associated with the global metal industry, giving customers ample opportunities to ameliorate the investment propositions. Seven Star FX provides coverage of the holistic metals markets 24×5. Trading is now easy, effective and efficient, with considerable support and substantial leverage. Seven Star FX  helps consumers trade with ample support and inculcating know how about the products and offerings.

While dealing in Spot Metals Trading Online, one has to keep a lot of ideas in mind. There are pips and ticks that depend on methodological trading. Any investor may eye trading precious metals in futures or the spot market. Metal trading is quite akin to forex trading. Customers can invariably trade gold, merely as trading currency pairs. Customers can trade both forex and precious gold metal on the one-and-the-same online trading platform.

Seven Star FX has a dedicated team with an exquisite relationship with financial institutions, producers, traders, and consumers and has been imparting excellent knowhow in hedging logistics, strategies, metal businesses and Trade Spot Metals Online.

Product Details

Numerous Reason to choose

Spot Metals

MetalsSpreadSwap LongSwap ShortContract Size 
XAGUSD0.2-1.59-1.195000 Oz
XAUUSD0.4-2.18-1.96100 Oz

Future Metals

Current ContractDescriptionContract SizeMin. CommissionExchange 
GCJ7Gold Futures - APR 2017100 Oz$10 Per Round TradeCOMEX
SIK7Silver Futures - MAY 20175000 Oz$10 Per Round TradeCOMEX
HGK7Copper Futures - MAY 201725000 lbs$10 Per Round TradeCOMEX
PLJ7Platinum Future - APR 201750 Troy Oz$10 Per Round TradeNYMEX